Staying at Windsor Castle

Driving through the main gate at Windsor Castle is a surreal experience. It’s always extremely busy and the tourists fall into two categories: those that think you’re famous or royal and want to film your arrival; and those lost in their own world. The second group is more challenging when navigating across the parade ground.

Staying at Windsor Castle

I am very lucky to have stayed at Windsor Castle on three occasions and photographed the jaw-dropping Home Park Private and St George’s Chapel. Home Park, previously known as the Little Park (and originally Lydecroft Park), is a private 655-acre Royal park, administered by the Crown Estate. It lies on the eastern side of Windsor Castle. For obvious reasons, I won’t be discussing any aspect of the security or sharing images.

The only downside of Home Park and Windsor in general is the almost constant roar of aircraft. Windsor is located on the main departure corridor for Heathrow. Despite the aircraft, Home Park is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever visited. It is like stepping into another world but you’re constantly aware of where you are. And if you should happen across a member of the Royal Family, there are strict protocols to follow. We didn’t see anybody.

Home Park is now the home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and we did walk past Frogmore Cottage on the way to the Windsor Farm Shop. Stopping for selfies is definitely out of the question. In fact, photography in Home Park is no longer permitted period. To be honest, I’m surprised it was ever allowed.

The Long Walk

The long straight path that leads from Windsor to Snow Hill is called The Long Walk and at 2 miles, it is long. It cuts through Windsor Great Park and affords spectacular views of Windsor Castle. Non-commercial photography is permitted but they are less comfortable with tripods. We were challenged by one of the Park Rangers. The Long Walk is always extremely busy, like most of Windsor, and I had to Photoshop about 30 people out of my image. I highly recommend The Long Walk is sensible footwear and be careful, a busy A road cuts across it so you have to be on your toes.

St George’s Chapel

Despite being seen by tens-of-millions on TV, photography inside St George’s Chapel is banned. I was fortunate to have a private tour before the tourists arrived and it is spectacular. I was also able to take pictures. I will be photographing a wedding at the Chapel in 2020 and I had to know how my camera would perform in the available light. Sadly, these shots can’t be published either.

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